Pomegranate Candle – 10oz Tin

Pomegranate Candle – 10oz Tin

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Pomegranate Candle – 10oz Tin

The Persian Pomegranate & Mango natural soy candle is perfect for fragrancing and illuminating your environment without harmful toxins or parabens.

Aromatic. Sensuous. Our clean burning and non-toxic candles are made from renewable resources burn longer than paraffin candles and produce significantly less soot. Persian Pomegranate & Mango provides a sweet, citrusy mélange of pomegranate, passion fruit, pamplemousse, mandarin, guava, papaya, pear and a juicy sweet blend mangoes peach melon citrus lily and jasmine.

Light our all-natural candles anytime to relax, de-stress and uplift.



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