Fastfood Vanilla

Fastfood Vanilla

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Supplement Facts

Faster than fast-food and healthy!
This great-tasting meal replacement shake is loaded with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, anti-oxidants and digestive enzymes mixed with B.S.E.-certified proteins free from added hormones and antibiotics. FastFood is formulated to help you slim down while maintaining and building lean muscle mass.

* 27 grams of Protein
* Digestive Enzymes
* Probiotcs
* No binders or fillers
* 100% natural
* Nothing artificial here!
* A complete meal

DIRECTIONS: Mix 2 scoops of Fats Food with 6-8 oz. of water depending upon desired thickness. Use shaker or blender if possible. If using a blender, adding crushed ice and a small amount of berries makes an incredible shake.


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