Supralife Kids Toddy - 32 Fl Oz

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Supplement Facts

Supralife Kids Toddy® - (32 fl oz) provides your growing child with a full spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. It is specifically formulated for children ages 2 to 12, and provides the essential nutrients to support their development.*

It contains NO yeast, dairy, wheat, soy, gluten, starch, or artificial flavorings. It also comes in an Outrageous Orange flavor that kids love!

SUGGESTED USE: Children ages 2-4 years should take ½ ounce daily with meals. Children ages 4 and older should take one ounce daily with meals. Serving size may be divided between meals. Children ages 13 or older may begin taking Total Toddy. Kids Toddy can be mixed with water or juice according to taste.

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