Eucalyptus Radiata Oil - 10 ml bottle

Eucalyptus Radiata Oil - 10 ml bottle

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Eucalyptus Radiata Oil Product Facts

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Cooling, refreshing, and energizing. This eucalyptus variety is preferred by many aromatherapists because it is softer than Eucalyptus Globulus, yet still maintains the same well-being properties. It is used in skin and hair care, for aromatherapeutic treatments, to deodorize and to keep insects at bay. Its sweet, menthol, woody scent coupled with its well-being properties makes it a favorite essential oil in aromatherapy.*

 Eucalyptus Radiata, also known as narrow-leaf Peppermint, is a gentle, but powerful respiratory oil. Milder than other eucalyptus oils, it is an excellent choice for use with children. It has exceptional anti-infectious abilities and is particularly useful in clearing the upper lungs. It can be used to help reduce fevers and alleviate chronic fatigue or immune deficiencies.

Key Emotions: Youthfulness, Wonderment, Friendly, Outgoing and Expressive Safety Notes:

Not for internal use. May neutralize homeopathic remedies; do not use simultaneously or store together. When diffusing in a sickroom, place diffuser across the room so that the lungs are not overwhelmed with the strength of the oil. Youngevity Essential Oils come from the most respected and ethical distillers, free of additives, extenders or chemicals; delivering the purest, authentic essential oil. Each essential oil is organic, wild-crafted or ethically farmed.






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