Lemon Oil 10 ml Bottle

Lemon Oil 10 ml Bottle

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Lemon Oil Product Facts

Lemon oil is a must for every aromatherapy kit, as it has an uplifting fresh citrus scent, has some immediate purifying qualities, and may help to settle the digestive system. It is an agreeable fragrance the kids will love.*

Smells great and a great surface germ killer. Lemon can help support the immune system. Its scent also helps to increase concentration and neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Some hospitals use lemon oil to help calm frightened or depressed patients. Lemon boosts the immune system by stimulating production of white and red blood cells.

When thinking of Lemon oil, one can simply think cleanser, freshener, purifier, stimulant, and disinfectant. Lemon has been found to be beneficial for infections, weight loss, mental clarity, breathing, and cleansing inside and outside of the body; as well as the whole household. Key Emotions: Excitement, Revitalizing, Reliable, Cheerfulness and Connective Safety Note: Phototoxic—avoid direct exposure to the sun or tanning booths for 12 hours after use on skin. Youngevity Essential Oils come from the most respected and ethical distillers, free of additives, extenders or chemicals; delivering the purest, authentic essential oil. Each essential oil is organic, wild-crafted or ethically farmed. Ingredients: Pure Essential Oil.



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